Microsoft Teams Phones: Busy on busy not working as expected

Currently, the busy signal is signaled on teams phones or mobile devices (iOS or Android) as follows.

"We couldn´t complete the call." oder "Wir konnten den Anruf nicht abschließen."

For the end user, this is a message that does not necessarily refer to a busy. The user might also think that there is a problem with the telephony infrastructure. This of course occurs when the user only uses one Teams Phone and dials via the extension, searching for a name and checking the presence on the Teams Phone in advance is a bit tedious.

Also in the Admin Center „486 Busy here is displayed accordingly“.

The message is correct on the one hand, but still unfortunately very confusing for users. The desktop client can display it correctly in the meantime.

"The person you´re trying to reach is busy on another call. Try again later."

I have tried my luck through Microsoft Support, unfortunately without much success. The best way is to give feedback via the Teams client or open a Teams user voice. That the chances of success will be low, because the Busy is almost only used for the German market, confirmed me the support.

Unfortunately, the messages were not really satisfactory, so I contacted a Microsoft Product Manger for Teams Devices via Linkedin. The first statement was that if the Busy on Busy parameter in the Teams Calling Policy is set to Enabled, it would be checked further.


Get-CSTeamsCallingPolicy -Identity Global

Identity                          : Global
Description                       : 
AllowPrivateCalling               : True
AllowWebPSTNCalling               : True
AllowVoicemail                    : UserOverride
AllowCallGroups                   : True
AllowDelegation                   : True
AllowCallForwardingToUser         : True
AllowCallForwardingToPhone        : True
PreventTollBypass                 : False
BusyOnBusyEnabledType             : Enabled
MusicOnHoldEnabledType            : Enabled
SafeTransferEnabled               : Disabled
AllowCloudRecordingForCalls       : False
AllowTranscriptionForCalling      : False
LiveCaptionsEnabledTypeForCalling : DisabledUserOverride
AutoAnswerEnabledType             : Disabled
SpamFilteringEnabledType          : Enabled
CallRecordingExpirationDays       : 60

Set-CsTeamsCallingPolicy -Identity Global -BusyOnBusyEnabledType Enabled

The parameter is of course set accordingly, otherwise the calls would still be displayed on subscriber B.

After consultation with the product manager, the problem was unfortunately confirmed, a correct busy signaling is planned in development for the end of 2021. When this will finally arrive in our mobile clients or on the teams phones is unfortunately not yet fixed. There is also no official roadmap entry. I’ll stay tuned on this topic…

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  1. kabir sagt:

    is the issue with team mobile app fixed now?

  2. H0wrald sagt:

    any updates?

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