Teams IP Phone/Display provision devices manually

Sometimes the teams devices may not be provisioned properly in the tenant. For these devices we have the possibility to provision the devices manually. All we need is the m-address of the devices.

You can get the mac address from the dhcp settings or from your arp table if you have pinged the device before.

Open the Teams admincenter and select the ip phones or displays accordingly.

Enter the mac-adress and location if you want.

Now we have the possibility to generate a verification code, which we need on the device.

If you are logged in on the device, you must log out first.

Tip, if you want to reset the Lenovo Thinksmart View to factory settings, hold down the volume down and volume up test buttons simultaneously for 8 seconds.

On the login screen, click the gear in the upper right corner and select „provision device“.

Enter your pin.

Now your IP phone or display will be shown in teams admin center. Additonal you can apply updates and assign configuration profiles.


Remote provisioning and sign in for Teams Android devices – Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

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