Teams Calendar Checklist Requirements

I’ve been stumbling over the issue of the missing calendar icon in the Microsoft Teams client a lot lately, so I’ll summarize the requirements here in a table.

ToDo Done
The user must be synchronized into AzureAD
The user needs a Teams license
OnPrem Exchange: Current Exchange Server version
at least Exchange 2016 CU3 according to Technet
(Be sure to use a newer CU).
Publishing EWS and Autodiscover
– Public certificate required
-If published with a reverse proxy, no pre-authentication is allowed.
Configuration of Exchange Hybrid (through Hybrid Wizard)
– Public certificate required
– Public DNS name required
Firewall activations between Exchange Online
and Exchange OnPremises necessary!

Test Remote Connectivity Analyzer for the Teams Calendar App

With an Exchange Server 2013 a connection is not possible! The service is blocked with it.

By using the Exchange Hybrid Wizard, some configuration requirements such as Exchange OAuth configuration are taken care of.

My experience so far shows that if the test is successful, the calendar app is displayed in the Teams client after about 0.5 – 24 hours.

If this results in an error message, the reverse proxy should be checked. If you are not sure whether the reverse proxy requires pre-authentication, it may help to publish the Exchange Server for a short time.
Furthermore, it helps to check the authentication options accordingly.

$req = [System.Net.HttpWebRequest]::Create("https://%EWSURL%/ews/MRSProxy.svc")
$req.UseDefaultCredentials = $false
# Expected error: Exception calling "GetResponse" with "0" argument(s):
# "The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized."
$ex = $error[0].Exception
$resp = $ex.InnerException.Response

The result should look like this.

The EWS Log (%ExchangeInstallPath%Logging\HttpProxy\Ews) should look like this.

2021-07-13 13:36:53 POST /EWS/mrsproxy.svc &Correl1ationID=<empty>;&cafeReqId=fd4a6832-4feO-4943-9de2-ca77fa8c54ab; 443 - - - 401 0 0 31

2021-07-13 13:36:58 ::1 POST /powershell PSVersion=4.0&sessionlD=Version_15.1_ (Build_2241.0)=r]ciNiaiNgaytqdK6p9GblouanNKdkozRm5qBzsbLzc/JzM36x4HNz8300s/I0s7Mq87MxcvJxcrM&CorrelationID=<empty>;&cafeReclId=163a5c01-77c1-4965-af2b-bdd55a0f8368; 80 DOMAIN\Administrator ::1 Microsoft+WinRM+Client - 200 0 0 0 



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